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Ultimate Quality & Service

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Quality Bespoke Surveys
From Just £20*

Whether you are looking for a basic survey or a complex one, richosoft squared can design and create a quality solution for you, either fully hosted or that integrates into your site..

Ultimate quality, lowest prices and unrivalled service, give you the best deal you will find anywhere.  

Questions - Your survey can include as many questions as you require. They can be multiple or single choice radios, drop-down lists, text fields or text areas, sliders and more.  

Support - RichoSoft squared offers unrivalled help and  support. Your enquiries are answered promptly and effectively either by e-mail, Skype or Telephone (on request). If we don’t know the immediate answer to your question we will find a suitable solution for you fast.

Fast & Reliable Service - We pride ourselves on a fast turn-around on your project but without any compromise on quality and performance. All projects are extensively tested and we give accurate time scales on job completion.

Survey Results  - Your survey results can be either emailed to you on completion, or stored in a database table or both. With the database option, results are appended to the database record as each question is completed assuring that if a user abandons the survey part way through you still get the responses up to that point.

Social Media - Becoming more and more important to growing your Internet business we can integrate social media share buttons into your survey, all optimised to help you get the best out of social media.

Reports - You can have your survey just post you the responses via email or stored in a database table, or you can choose the pro  option that includes reports and analysis of the submitted responses in real time, for example average ratings, total responses, responses by geographical area, gender etc.

*£20 is for a basic survey.

Affordable, Quality, Unique Surveys Fast!

Appearance - Your survey will be created in a colour scheme that blends in with your website seamlessly, or you can specify other contrasting colours as required.

Site Integration - Your survey can be installed in a pop-up light box, pop-up window or inline on your site pages. The installation is simple and requires no HTML or programming knowledge.

Hosted or Template - Your survey can be supplied as an easy to set-up template on your own site  which does require a PHP and MySQL enabled server. Not got PHP or MySQL, no problem! Your survey can be supplied fully hosted for you on our servers at a very low monthly fee, this is a no maintenance easy option for both non-php and php enabled sites.

Sample Survey

On the right is a sample survey inline on a web page.

Below is a sample of the survey installed in light box. (The light box can be set to open on clicking an image,button or link or can be set to open on page load as required. Code can also be supplied to pop-up the light box only once per visitor, or once per browser session.)

Click the button below to see the pop-up version.

Demo Survey in Light Box

To get a quote for your own customised survey, please use the contact form here and include as much information about your survey as you can. Please also state whether you want a template or a hosted version.