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Hotel-iBooker Online Hotel Room Booking &
Management System*

Hotel iBooker is not just an on-line Booking system for hotels, it is also a room Management system that can be used locally to manage the rooms in the hotel.

Ultimate quality, lowest prices and unrivalled service, give you the best deal you will find anywhere.  

*Available as a WPP or Fully Hosted

More Information

Hotel i-Booker has it’s own web site with full details of the features, operation and installation.

You can also view screen shots and live demos there too.

PHP and ASP Versions available

● Unlimited Number of Rooms

● Unlimited Room Types

● Unlimited Seasons

● NEW!  Automatic Single Occupancy Surcharges/Discounts

● NEW!  Add Unlimited number of Date and Time Stamped Notes to orders.

● NEW! Improved database performance.

● NEW! Ultimate easy set-up - Just a few clicks and you are ready to go

   in just 5 minutes.

● NEW! Select auto rounding Up/Down/None on seasonal factor calculations.

● NEW! Enhanced graphical room view.

● NEW! Improved PayPal interface and gateway.

● NEW! Easy quick one click switching from PayPal Sandbox to Live Status.

● NEW! New ‘Q’ Status for PayPal Pending and Incomplete transactions.

● NEW! Locally raised orders now have option to email payment link to

   customer when paid order automatically updated to book and paid status.

● NEW! New Management Functions:

● Optimise Database.

● Back Up Database.

● Download Back Up.

● Delete Backup File.

● Delete All ‘Q’ Status records.

● Change Database Settings.

● And more....

● NEW!  Enhanced room blocking.

● Auto Room Pricing: Set Factors for each Season to automatically change room

   prices. eg: If during Easter your Room Prices are 20% higher than Normal

   Season, enter a factor of 1.20 for Easter Season and Room Prices are

   automatically changed in room charge calculations.

● Auto Discounts: Set Discounts based on number of Nights Booked.

   Eg: book for 2 to 4 nights get 5% discount, 5-8 get 10% etc. Discount automatically

   applied to qualifying bookings.

● Auto Validation: When customer selects room type, date and nights, the system

   checks for availability and either validates the booking or says that no room available.

● Room Disabling: Rooms can be disabled from booking online individually or by type.

   This means that if a room is out of service it cannot be booked, or the hotelier can

   reserve specific rooms for booking locally only and make them not available online.

● Cross season bookings, are automatically calculated on relevant rates.

   eg: Customer books dates that mean that 2 nights fall in the normal season

   and 2 nights in the Easter season, the system charges two nights at normal

   rate and 2 at Easter Rate, and it applies the relevant multiple night discount    percentage to the total cost if applicable.

● Auto Email Confirmation: An email is sent immediately to the Hotel Owner,

   or other email and to the Customer to confirm booking and payment.

● Auto PayPal Submission: The system automatically creates the necessary code

  for the customised PayPal Gateway and automatically generates the return

  URL’s for successful and unsuccessful payments.

● Owner pages allow full administration online and can also be used for booking

  and managing rooms locally and are fully protected. If not logged in

  successfully the sub-menus in the navigation element are disabled and if a

  page is manually accessed no data can be displayed and a warning note

  replaces the usual data.

● Many system parameters can be set in the Maintenance area avoiding the

   need to edit the code directly.

● Pages can be customised to blend in with the Hotel site scheme.

● Maintenance area includes deletion of un-needed records, table statistics and

  validation of set up data.

● Unlimited number of local user accounts.

● Graphical view of Room Status which is interactive with the Orders Page.

● Owner can move bookings from date to date, change number of nights, and

  move booking to another room  amongst other changes. New room costs are

  automatically calculated and old booking details removed.

● Rooms can be blocked from booking for selected dates whilst room is

   renovated etc.

● Installation of Customer Booking into current Hotel Web Site takes less

   than 5 minutes.

● Setting up the room details etc takes less than 20 minutes (if room details

   and season info readily available)

● PHP and MySQL enabled server compatible (PHP 5.0 or later and MySQL 5.0

   or later recommended).

● FREE Support  & FREE Help with Set Up

● Customisation available (may incur extra cost depending on the

   customisation complexity)

● Can be installed using  http: or https: SSL to improve security and user


Visit the Hotel-iBooker PHP Versions Home Page Visit the Hotel-iBooker ASP Versions Home Page

* Features will vary depending on the version

* The ASP and PHP versions features and operation vary slightly. The PHP Plus version has

   considerably more features than the standard versions.