Mobiclean PRO Program to Clean up Mobirise Code

Mobiclean PRO Program to Clean up Mobirise Code
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Product Information

Mobiclean PRO Code Cleanup Program for Published Mobirise Pages

For Mobirise v3.x.x , v4.x.x and 5.x.x!

NEW VERSION 10.1.26! Now Available - Click the Check for Updates button in the program to get the latest version.

An easy to use program that will easily and quickly remove hidden Mobirise links in the output html from the Mobirise Program and a lot, lot more!

Simply publish your pages to a local folder and run mobiclean and all the hidden links are replaced with your chosen alternatives.

Version 6 Video Demo

System Requirements

What you need to use/edit the system

  • Your pages published with the Mobirise Program
  • Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • 32Bit or 64Bit Windows Operating Systems. (Not suitable for MAC or other operating systems)
  • Mobirise V3.x.x or v4.x.x or 5.x.x to publish your site pages

Easy to Use

  • Works on pages with .html, .php, .asp, .htm, .shtml extensions and some selected .js files
  • Just publish your pages to a local folder.
  • Choose your replacements, select the folder and click Start Process, and within seconds all mobirise links are replaced with yours.

Easy SetUp

  • Just run the automatic set up program.

Now Includes in PRO 5.1.13 and 6.0.31

  • Automatically senses if site created in Mobirise 3 or 4 and adjusts processes accordingly.
  • Optimise all images in the assets/images folder saving up to 55% of file size (typical saving 36-40%)
  • Automatically create Sitemap.xml and robots.txt
  • Add Robots Meta Tags
  • Add Even More Meta Tags
  • Search and Replace up to 2 custom strings
  • Faster Code
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Save current settings for each site to a profile so they can be re-loaded instantly when switching processing different sites
  • New re-positioning of remarks and meta tags to enhance SEO and corrects alignment of mis-aligned tags
  • Option to remove all excessive line breaks
  • Option to replace two additional custom strings
  • Option to Compact HTML or simply Tidy the code on HTML or PHP pages or both
  • Faster processing of files - Up to 80% faster than previous version
  • Option to output all project files to a different output folder not just scanned/changed ones
  • Option to remove all Engine Tags.
  • Option to replace all text combinations in engine tags with a new text string.
  • New enhanced code.
  • Some minor bug fixes.
  • New GUI.
  • Option Not to add the 'Cleaned by Mobiclean...' Remark in the page code.
  • Option to add an Additional custom remark in the page code.
  • Option to add additional Meta Tags
    • Author
    • Subject
    • Copyright
  • Option to add to HTML Tags
    • Language Code
    • Prefix
  • Option to add No Cache Tags
  • Option to Replace or Remove Mobirise Version Numbers
  • Option to Replace selected texts in Engine Tags
  • Option to output just scanned and edited files to a different folder
  • New more detailed processing messages
  • New displays number of replacements made
  • New button to open output folder
  • Other enhancements
  • Mobiclean not only cleans up your code, removing unwanted links and references, but it also improves SEO scores for Google rank by decreasing page load times by as much as 60%. Mobiclean saves you, the web author, 90% of the time it takes to edit metadata, correct links and add your own company's branding.  A top shelf add-on to the Mobirise Suite... mission critical for every professional site builder.

New in V6.0.31:

  • New deeper cleaning in more scripts and code for Mobirise V4.x.x.
  • Fix Empty ALT Tags and Mobirise refs in ALT Tags option.
  • Rename project file and create incremental backups of project.mobirise option.
  • Replace site links with http to https option.
  • Will now add language option and prefix to be added to HTML tag if HTML Tag Options selected.
  • Auto detects if AMP theme used and warns if options that affect AMP validation are selected.
  • Warns if scripts are on page if AMP theme used which will affect AMP validation.
  • Warns if inline Styles are used in page body if AMP theme used and will affect AMP validation.
  • Now automatically sets program to run as administrator.
  • New 'Check for Updates' option which will check if new version is available.
  • New Automatic Update facility that will download and Install any new version available.
  • Tooltips added to input fields and option selectors.
  • New 'Analysis' feature that shows details of some of the actions taken during processing.
  • Some code enhancements to improve performance.
  • Some minor bug fixes.

New in 6.0.33 and 6.0.34:

1. Fixes for additional Mobirise domain names .me and .ws
2. Fixes for mis-spelt mobirise .com as mobirise.comm.

New in 6.0.35:

1. Now makes the Replace All other mobirise links checked by default.
2. Replace social mobirise links in footers if you have forgotten to add yours.
3.Some minor enhancements to improve performance, and minorbug fixes.
New in 6.0.36:
1. New GUI
2. Enhanced Code
3. Faster program code up to 35% faster.
4. Other enhancements.
New in 6.0.41:
1. Automagically Add OG and Twitter Tags to Pages.
New in 6.0.42:
1. Fix new Mobirise Extensions like in themes/script.js.
New in 6.0.43:
1. New option to add scripts/links etc to the page or end - that will be added to ALL applicable pages - useful for Cookie Scripts, Fonts etc that need to be added to ALL site pages at once..


New in 6.0.44:
1. Updated changes in 6.0.43 - Added options to exclude selected pages from adding scripts/links to all pages, so you can now be selective on which pages to add the scripts/links to...
New in 6.0.45:
1. Added New Beta 'Replace Complex Strings' option, which allows you to replace up to two strings that contain special characters such as quotes(") (') etc...
New in 6.0.46:
1. Minor bug fixes.
2. Added Offers for Users.
New in 6.0.47:
1. Added more Languge code options to add to HTML tag (PRO Option).
2. Some minor enhancements.
New in 6.0.48:
1. Changed facebook url in Social Links to remove pages/ on url so if you use this option you may need to adjust your url replacment.
2. Some minor enhancements.
New in 6.0.49:
1. Fix misconfigured AMP script tags to add the async option and custom-element tags to make them AMP valid.
V6.0.50 was not a public release.
New in 6.0.51:
1. Added option to add non-English characters to selected fields to aid SEO etc
2. Forced output of files as UTF-8.
New in 6.0.52:
1. Speed Up processing after it slowed down in V6.0.51.
2. Added new option to add file name to engine tags to aid SEO if page names named correctly see Notes.
New in 6.0.53:
1. Minor system code enhancements.
2. Added new option to add Modal Pop-Up on page load to selected page(s).
New in 6.0.54:
1. Minor system code enhancements.
2. Added new option to add floating Social Media Share Vertical Bar to selected page(s).
New in 6.0.55:
1. Added option of animation on pop-up modal on page load.
2. Added option to preview pop-up in default browser from within Mobiclean and change animations and re-preview.

New in 6.0.56:

1. Added fix for V4.91 or later if new 'Remove Mobirise from HTML' function is used and Version cannot be identified, Mobiclean will ask which version is used.
New in 6.0.57:
1. Added more Mobirise domain derivatives that are now replaced.
2. Some minor bug fixes and enhancements.
New in 6.0.58:
1. Fixed bug when if Save Profile is selected before running the processing, some data is not saved.
New in 6.0.59:
1. Added Experimental Compact CSS function.

New in 6.0.60:

1. Fixed minor bug Experimental Compact CSS function.

New in 6.0.61:

1. Now removes Comments like /* Comment here */ in Experimental Compact CSS function.
New in 7.1.2:
1. NEW Enhanced GUI
2. Added NEW Canonical tags option.
3. Enhancements to pop-up messages etc.
4. Added Recommended 'How to Use Guide'
5. Minor enhancements to code.
New in 7.1.3:
1. Fixed some New Mobirise domans in themes/script.js
New in 7.1.4:
1. Minor Bug Fix
2. Added Coming Soon...
New in 7.1.5:
1. Added Experimental - 'Remove Mobirise from link rels'
2. Added Empty Processed Folder Option.
3. Minor bug fix.
New in 7.1.6:
1. Added another Link to replace in - 'Remove Mobirise from link rels'
New in 7.1.7:
1. Added mobiFTP to directly upload your processed files to you host.
New in 7.1.8:
1. Added minor enhancements to mobiFTP.
2. Added fix for new mis-configured html tags by Mobirise.


New in 7.1.9:
1. Added fix for mis-configured input tag on cookie warner
New in 7.1.10:
1. fix for new domains in menu links.
New in 7.1.11:
1. Minor enhancements.
New in 7.1.12:
1. New experimental function - move pages to a sub-folder.
2. Adding new function to delete no longer needed profiles.
3. Re-Formatted main page to group options in logical blocks.
New in 7.1.13:
1. Added fix moved pages so that links with anchors are retained.
New in 7.1.14:
1. Fix minor bug in move pages routines.
New in 7.1.15/16
1. Added Clear Settings for when starting new site processing.
2. Added Import/Export Profiles for easy transfer to another PC/Laptop.
New in 7.1.17
1. Added Remove formoid scripts from pages - Only use if you are not using any Formoid Forms.
2. Some minor GUI enhancements.
New in 7.1.18
1. Fixed issues on Social Links replacements as Mobirise now adding them with and without the www
2. Removed Google G+ from social links as no longer in use, replaced with Linked In.
New in 7.1.19/20
1. Minor Bug Fix
2. Now Removes Google G+ links completely as no longer in use.
New in 7.1.21/22
1. Now removes more links to Formoid.
2. Now removes Formoid Folders and Files too!.
3. Enhanced Remove Formoid Function.
New in 7.1.23
1. Now Optimises .jpeg images since Mobirise is now writing jpg files with .jpeg extn.
2. New Feature - Remove unused images from the assets/images folder.
New in 7.1.24
1. Fixed issue with Remove Unused images, if remove from link rels has text in it.
2. Added new remove in link rels for the new preload link added by mobirise.
New in 7.1.25
1. Added option to add scripts after the tag.
New in 7.1.26
1. Added option to make pop-up modal once per browser session. requires a Cookie to be set and an additional
js file which is added automatically.
New in 7.1.27
1. Added option to add sound with pop-up.
New in 7.1.28
1. Added function that sets a different cookie for each modal popup so other pop-ups set to appear once per
browser session still appear once and are not muted by the first pop-up appearing.
2. Added function that mutes the sound (if chosen) on a pop-up modal, if the once per session is selected and the
pop-up has been muted by the session cookie.
New in 8.1.7
2. NEW - Faster Code.
3. NEW - Reduced size program exe file, streamlined and uses less memory.
4. NEW Automatic Update check on program start.
5. NEW Add Snow effect to page especially for Christmas.
6. NEW - Easier to see pop-up program messages and prompts.
7. NEW - Create Visual Site Map Option.
8. NEW - Create Custom Error Pages.
9. NEW Error/Reminder/Folder Selector pop-ups, easier to view.
10. NEW - Processing Order Guide by pressing F2.
11. Other minor enhancements.
12. Added option on Compact CSS page to allow exclusion of the mbr-additional.css from compaction. The reason
for that is that if there are errors in the Additional CSS file, undesired results will be produced if it is attempted to
be compacted and can result in bad display of pages and even can lock up the Mobiclean program,
So if compacting the mbr-additional.css gives unwanted results check the Exclude box before running the
compacting CSS routine.


New in V8.1.8
1. Added new links/script notations to be removed during remove formoid as Mobirise are new using different notations for them.
2. Added Important notes to the What's New page detailing a future change and a New dedicated Web Site for Mobiclean Pro.
New in V9.1.2
 1. Rebuilt GUI following display issues by a user that reported his display was distorted. Believe it was the DPI settings on his PC (with Win 7) or video card problems, causing the issue. Rebuilt the GUI so that is useable on his settings, not 100% perfect on his PC but is now useable. Other Beta testers report that display is OK on Win7 and Win10, both 32bit and 64bit versions..
2. Program file size reduced so .requires 1Mb less memory.
3. Added advice to enable 'Output All Files', 'Output Files to a Different folder', and 'Select Output Folder"
    on the 'Additional Options' Page. This will be made Mandatory in a future release.
4. Other minor GUI enhancements.
5. Added more links/script notations to remove during 'Remove Formoid' as Mobirise are new using different
    notations for them.
6. Other minor code enhancements.
New in V9.1.3
1. Added more Formoid items to remove when using the 'Remove Formoid' function.
New in V9.1.4
1. Added fix for removal of New Cart issue.
New in V9.1.5
1. Added support for Mobirise v5.
2. Other minor code updates.
New in V9.1.6
1. Minor code updates.

V 6.0.51 New Features Video:

Tutorial and Informational Videos (Previous versions):


2.THE EASY INSTALL (Same process as the standard version)

3.ALL FEATURES INC NEW IN 4.2.16 & later

What's In the Pack?

Program Installation File.
User Guide - In your pack you will also receive a comprehensive user guide to help you install and use your system.

Support and Help - I pride myself on my support, and FREE support is included.

FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE- If the program is updated or there are bug fixes you get the updated program FREE. (Does not apply to other versions e.g. PRO PLUS version but special upgrade offers will apply)

VIP MEMBERS GET A SPECIAL PRICE OFFER - Log In to the VIP Members Area to get your Coupon Code!

This is an excerpt from an email received from a user (thank you Doc for the postive feedback):
Thanks for the great tool - Mobiclean Pro. What an awesome addon that really makes my work using Mobirise easy. Previously, I would publish the html / php then open the files in Notepad to edit the metadata and remove some of the backlinks that the Mobirise DEV team put in to promote their great site building software. For a twenty page site, this could take more than 20 minutes per set of changes. Now with Mobiclean Pro, I get to set all sorts of edits, choose the folder holding my content, and even set the output folder; Then click on "start process." The tool is quick and efficient, and thanks for sharing how many changes it finds and replaces. mobiclean Pro finds many more mobirise. com references and other needed changes than I ever found doing it by hand. While I still open and edit files, it's much less time consuming thanks to you. If I had a Genius Award I would give you one for your work creating Mobiclean Pro in 2017. So far this is the best tool/addon I have found this year. It is awesome and anyone who builds sites for themselves or others should get it. Besides saving time, it makes the code more google bot friendly and thus improves SEO scores and page rank.
Comment from Tricia:
Just wanted to let you know I purchased Mobiclean this afternoon and I love it! Thank you!!
Comment from Mike:

I purchased Mobiclean PRO and I just wanted to let you know this is a wonderful tool! It works GREAT! It is very easy to use and it actually works exactly as you described. Keep up the great work!


Comment from Kully (on Mobirise Forum):
Just wanted to thank you (again) for the Mobiclean Pro program. After using it daily for several weeks now, I have to say it has been worth every penny! Besides all the features it offers, on one of my larger websites that used to take literally 15-20 minutes to upload before using your program, now takes less than a minute!  WOW!!!   I'll even access the website after uploading to make sure everything is there! lol , -  I use your program on my Win7 with v3.1.2 and Win10 with v4.3.4).  Both work perfect!   I'll be accessing your resourceful website for more gems!!  Keep up the great work.  
Comment from Michael (on Mobirise Forum):
The other product I recommend is MobiClean Pro. Amazing little product. Removes MBR links, cleans up code (to make site faster), and can optimize images (also makes site faster).... which seems to be a bit of a problem with new users. Well worth the money if you use MBR often.... or looking to appease Google and improve your search position.
Comment from Svenna in Finland
I´m really satisfied with your software. Great for a non coder.


Comment from Ron
"Great software, MobiClean Pro is easy to use and very fast. MobiClean Pro software is the perfect last touch Mobirise needed to be a great website builder. 
Good price for MobiClean Pro and customer support is excellent. 
I had a dumb newbie question about robot.txt and it was explained/answered in about a hour on the weekend and we are on opposite sides of the Atlantic!

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ManufacturerRichoSoft Squared


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