Impact CMS Mobile Content Sync (For Serif WebPlus)

Impact CMS Mobile Content Sync (For Serif WebPlus)
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You will probably have a mobile version of your client site that has items such as text or images that are common to both sites and currently if you add an editable area to your main client site, the mobile site has to be updated manually, this is about to change!

With the mobile asset add-in you can now add a common editable area to both sites and when the main site area is updated, the appropriate mobile site area is auto-magically updated too.

  • The PRO and PRO+ versions already include mobile versions of the code for News, Events, Mini-Shop and Foto Book which automatically update on both site type versions at the same time, so this now adds that functionality to text areas etc too!
  • This does NOT allow editing of the editable areas on the Mobile Site but simply displays any edited common areas on the main site on the mobile site with the edited content. If you want your clients to be able to edit these areas and panels on a mobile device, then you will need to use the Mobile APP.
  • The license for the Mobile Asset is an extension of the main Impact CMS license and the same conditions of use apply.

Probably a World Exclusive! 

What's Included?
ASSET - An asset for use on client Mo ile Sites in WebPlus X6, X7 or X8.
User Guide - In your pack you will also receive a comprehensive user guide to help you install and use your add-on.
Requires an installed Impact CMS System

This is an add-on for probably the ONLY CMS system both designed specifically for WebPlus and in a single WebPlus WPP + Asset Pack.
The Mobile Sync Asset will allow displaying edited content from Client;s Main Site on Client Mobile Sites too.  (X6, X7 and X8 client sites).
No programming skills required, if you can use WebPlus, you can use the Mobile Sync Add-On.
Supported editable areas are:
  • Text only areas
  • Static editable images
  • Multi Areas

All information retrieved from the main Impact CMS Pro system.

Support and Help - I pride myself on my support, and FREE support is included.
In your pack you will also receive a comprehensive user guide.
Client Sites do NOT require PHP or MySQL - As there is no requirement for PHP or MySQL on client sites, client sites hosted on WebPlus Hosting are supported and will work with the system.

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