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Site Management Options

We offer the following additional Site Management Services:

What else can I get?

If you just want a component for your site, help with integration of a plug-in, a maintenance package or a custom add-in I can help with:

Other services
Silver plan
from ONLY £3/mth
Gold plan
Platinum plan
from ONLY £9/mth

† Prices will vary depending upon the number of pages in the site and size of databases and number of tables.

Starting prices are for a site up to 30 pages and database up to 100 MB with up to 20 tables.

You might also be interested in:

from ONLY £5/mth

from RichoSoft

HostedMe Web Site Add-Ins for hosts that do not support PHP or MySQL, and ones that do.

If you are currently hosted on Serif WebPlus hosting or another basic hosting package, you will know that you have no PHP or MySQL database facilities with your hosting, which restricts what you can do with your website.

Whilst there are some facilities available via SWR (Serif Web Resources) you may wish for something more.  That’s where HostedMe Resources comes in, it adds the benefit of applications and more sophisticated scripts using PHP, MySQL and javascript that can be installed on your WebPlus hosting or any other type of hosting.


As these add-ins and widgets are hosted separately to your website and are, in the main installed via iframes, there should be no compatibility issues with your current website and will install seamlessly into your site, without any visible indication to your visitors that they are hosted elsewhere.

Because of this the add-ins are suitable for any site, whether hosted on Linux, Windows or any other hosting, basic, PHP or ASP enabled.

Installation of the add-ins on your pages is easy and all the necessary code and instructions are provided. You do not need any knowledge of HTML or programming to use the widgets and add-Ins.

The colours, parameters etc can easily be changed to match your website from the easy to use comprehensive control panel.